CILS Industrial Labeling Division

CILS Self-Laminating Cable & Wire Markers

Computer Printable 'Wrap-Around' Format

Simply 'Print and Apply' the labels and wrap the clear tail around the wire/cable to encapsulate the pre-printed data - Ultimate label durability and permanent label positioning.

Perfect for where Terminals & Connectors are attached

CILS Self-Laminating Cable & Wire Markers

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CILS ‘Wrap-Around’ Labels - Perfect for:

  • Cables / Wires, Harnesses / Assemblies, Looms etc
  • Single / Multicore cables
  • Shielded Twinax & Coaxial cables
  • Mineral insulated copper clad cables
  • Computer, Patch Panel & Audio Visual cables

  • Fiber optic cables and assemblies
  • Safety cables
  • Direct buried and submersible cables
  • Heavy lift / elevator cables
  • Etc

Available in the widest range of Durable Polyester and Self-Extinguishing Vinyl!

CILS Industrial Labeling

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