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CILS Tamper Evident Security Labels

Computer Printable Durable Labels that Display Immediate
Evidence of Attempted Removal and cannot be re-used!

  • Fast curing high-strength adhesive for immediate ‘voiding’ or visible ‘break-up’- Perfect for smooth, textured or curved surfaces.
  • Resistant to fuel, oil, grease, abrasion and extreme temperatures (-55ºC to +155ºC) etc.

Perfect for:
Product Warranty Labels, Security Seals, Product Liability, Safety Labeling etcCILS Tamper Evident Security Labels

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Widest Range of Durable Label Materials & Security Features

  • Tamper evident vinyl’s - Impossible to remove intact – Breaks up upon attempted removal!
  • 'VOID' evident polyesters for excellent label durability
  • 'Checker Board' & 'triangle' VOID patterns for smaller labels
  • 'Ultra violet' security message labels - Invisible to the eye
  • White, metalized, red, blue, yellow 'VOIDING' colors
  • 'Hi-Tack' 'VOIDING' Adhesive for textured surfaces
  • Instant 'VOIDING' Polyester for faster adhesive curing
  • Heavy-Duty Adhesive for heavily textured surfaces
  • Anti-removal perforations and label 'face cuts'
  • Clear tamper evident labels
  • Clear tamper evident 'Print Guarding' for extra durability
  • Delaminating labels showing attempted removal
  • Fully Pre-Printed - Made to any size shape color or corporate design
  • Computer Printable - Add variable data from your standard Laser or Thermal Transfer Printer
  • Etc

High-Performance Security Labels for the World's Leading Companies

CILS Industrial Labeling

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