Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons

The highest level of thermal transfer print durability is achieved through a combination of label construction, computer imprintable coating, ribbon type and printer settings. Choosing the correct printer ribbon is crucial to ensure compatibility with your label material and to effectively resist smudging or fading in your industrial environment.

At CILS, carefully selected thermal transfer ribbons have already been rigorously developed and tested on CILS durable label materials, and Label Technology Centre consultants can advise the most appropriate options for your application, eliminating the risk of poor performance and quality and ensuring you achieve the perfect durability and print legibility every time.


  • CILS supply ribbons suitable for most thermal transfer printers, including

    • Avery: TTX300, TTX350, TTX507, TTX550, TTX600, TTX706, TTX709, TTX807, TTX850, ALX710, ALX910
    • CAB: Apollo, A+, E4, MACH4
    • Citizen
    • Datamax (most models)
    • Datamax Ovation: E4203, E4204, E4304
    • Intermec: PD4, PM4i, 401, 601, 601XP, 3240, 3400, 3440, 3600, 4000, 4100, 4400, 4420, 4440, 4630, 4830, 8646,
    • Intermec Easycoder: 401, 501, 601 (UBI), C4, E4 (UBI 301), PC4, PF2i, PF4ci, PF8, PX4i, PX6i
    • Monarch: 9401, 9402, 9403, 9406, 9800 series
    • Novexx (most models)
    • Printronix T5000 series
    • Sato (most models) 8400, 8450, 8400RVe, 8400Pro, 8459, 8460, 8485, 8490, CL408/412/608-GT400e, Lt408e, GL408e, GL412e, LM408e, LM412e, CX200, CX208, CX212, CX400, CT400, CT410, M10e
    • TEC B442/3, B-SV4T, B452, B63, B852, B-SA4T
    • Zebra (most models) 11xi111, 140xi111, 170xi111, 220xi111, 105SL, Z4M, Z6M, S4M, ZM400, ZM600, T300, T402, 2684, 2844, 2844-Z, 3842, 3844-Z etc.
    • Avery: TTX450, 650, 850, 950, 1050, 6404, 6405, 6406, 6408, 674, 675, TDI, ALX720, ALX924
    • Novexx: Puma, Lion, Tiger, Extreme, Chess, PA146, Print Engine
    • TEC: B372, 472, 482, 572, B-SX4T, B-SX5T, CB416, CB426
    • Wax – suitable for short-term general indoor use. Only compatible with uncoated paper, offering low durability as labels.
    • Wax Composite –Compatible with more durable materials, wax-composite ribbons offer reasonable resistance against light handling, low levels of moisture/humidity, heat etc.
    • Resin – Good durability against heat, weathering, mild chemicals, abrasion etc. Compatible with a range of durable materials, allowing for long label life indoors and outdoors.
    • Solvent resistant resin – Very durable, offers increased tolerance to harsh conditions such as exposure to solvents and chemicals, abrasion, frequent handling etc. and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Ultra solvent resistant resin – Offers maximum durability against aggressive solvents (acetone, xylene) etc.

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