Why the correct combination of printer, toner and a label's print receptive coating is vital for printing your own very durable labels

To make a durable synthetic label material such as polyester into a printable label requires a special, computer imprintable, toner receptive coating, for the toner to be fused onto.

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New industrial label product guide from CILS International

Download this guide which highlights the 8 key products and services from CILS International

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Close up of a sign and seal label with a pen

6 ways to improve illegible Handwritten Labels

Whether you are labelling decanted chemical/solvent containers for health and safety, calibrating equipment for ISO 9001:2008 (7.6 Control of Monitoring & Measuring Equipment) in an engine manufacturing plant for example or writing clinic...

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F-gas compliant label

France prepares for the new F-gas and Co2 identification law - 1st July deadline

From 1st July 2016, operators in France conducting mandatory leak checks of equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases must label the equipment indicating that it has been checked according to Art. R543-79-1 of Decree 2015-...

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Hose marker label attached to a hose

Oil rigs adopt computer Imprintable label method for safety compliance

An ‘off-shore’ oil rig operator turned to CILS to help pass a health and safety audit as their hose labels were peeling off and printed data had become illegible when exposed to weathering, abrasion and hydraulic fluids etc.

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Durable slide labels

Xylene-resistant labels for tissue processing

The Cytogenetic department of a large NHS Foundation Trust needed slide labels that would withstand the various demands of tissue processing.

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industrial rating plate label

Innovative and economical alternative to metal rating plates from CILS

The CILS-TSSPET(HSE) computer-printable label series is engineered to provide a durable, cost-effective alternative to metal rating plates.

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Collage of industrial barcode labels

CILS help reduce customer costs with durable label printing service

CILS professionally print barcodes, serial numbers, batch numbers and Lott numbers etc., providing immediate, custom printed durable labels for all industrial and laboratory applications.

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Flame retardant labels

CILS Launch ‘Flame Retardant’ self-extinguishing Durable Label Range

Industrial labelling experts CILS have launched the new CILS-8100FR ‘flame retardant’ durable label range to help prevent the spread of fire in a wide variety of products and electronic devices.

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Anti static label on circuit board

CILS Launch ‘Anti-Static’ PCB Durable Labels to Help Protect Electronic Devices

As electronic devices become smaller and more complex, the protection against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is all the more important. Industrial labelling experts CILS have launched the new CILS-8/9100AS label range to help protect PCB’s...

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Void print label for safety devices

NEW! CILS ‘Void’ Evident ‘High-Tack’ Security Labels

Impossible to cleanly remove, new CILS-8/9200VHT industrial-grade security labels display an immediate ‘VOID’ warning message on attempted removal, providing failsafe product protection in minutes, straight from an existing PC and standar...

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GHS label

CILS Launch New ‘GHS’ Durable Label Range

Industrial labelling experts CILS have developed the CILS-GHS range of computer printable durable labels to meet the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) regulations.

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GHS lab label

‘GHS’ compliant durable label range for laboratories

To help laboratories comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling, laboratory labelling experts CILS have developed the CILS-8100GHS range of computer printable durable labels which can resist solvents, chemi...

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