3 UL Recognised Component Marks with CILS labels

This blog is intended to provide you with a better understanding of the component labelling requirements (UL969) for UL approved products.

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Source the right UL label for your product

If you have a UL listed finished product, or are preparing to have your product UL approved, then this blog will help you understand where to get advice and how to source UL compliant identification labels specific to your product.

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CILS become a member of the British Pump Manufacturers' Association (BPMA)

CILS International are proud to announce that we have become a member of the British Pump Manufacturers' Association Limited (BPMA).

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Variety of barcode labels

Barcode Labelling: The Basics

Barcode labels are a hugely beneficial tool for sample identification, improving the the efficiency of your processes, protecting your valuable data and reducing the risk of human mistakes.

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Durable Industrial Barcode Labelling: The Basics

Barcodes have revolutionised the industrial environment, from the way we manage assets and inventory, to helping us create streamlined, automated production processes.

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Laser vs thermal printers

Which printer is best for printing durable labels - laser or thermal transfer?

Which printer is best for printing durable labels - laser or thermal transfer? One of the most common questions asked when considering printing durable labels is ‘which printer is best for me, laser or thermal transfer?’ The truth is that...

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Slide labels

New ultra-solvent laboratory slide labels eliminate over laminating problem

A global provider of laboratory consumables turned to CILS to create an ultra-solvent resistant label for slide labelling kits which could survive prolonged exposure and submersion in Xylene and other aggressive solvents...

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Secretly Secure: New holographic “void” labels work harder to protect your products from fraud

CILS International offers the first completely transparent “void” labels with a holographic adhesive.

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Why you should pick durable printable labels over metal plates

Both options offer a durable identification solution, so why are so many people switching to computer imprintable durable labels?

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How does surface energy affects labelling?

There are many factors which affect how well a label is going to stick to a specific material surface such as how rough or smooth it is, the porosity, is the surface coated or uncoated and crucially surface energy. In the world of labelli...

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Video call service

Durable Label Manufacturer CILS Unveils Live Video Call Service – An Industry First!

Customers of Computer Imprintable Label Systems Ltd (CILS) can now connect face-to-face with label technicians through live video calls via their computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Sandvik hose marker labels

Computer Imprintable Hose Labels - the Latest Preventative Maintenance Solution within Fluid Power

Using computer imprintable self-laminating hose labels as part of your regular maintenance and preventative inspections will help identify key hose information such as life expectancy, before problems occur.

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ISO compliant label montage

Why ISO 9001:2015 is important for your Computer Imprintable Durable Labels

Every detail matters when your products have strict industry regulations to meet, and one poor-quality batch from a component supplier can make all the difference. By sourcing your labels from an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, you ...

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