CILS Hose Markers for Lewis-Goetz


Paper labels were too fragile – fading and unpeeling after exposure to tough, surface drill-rig conditions

Labels had to withstand abrasion, splashes of oils and hydraulic fluid, and temperatures up to 200°C / 390°F

The adhesive needed to stay secure on industrial hoses of various diameters.

Sandvik hose marker labels


CIL-81000TK: A 50 micron polyester label featuring a white printable area and clear, self-laminating, wraparound tail, for extra protection against industrial fluids / abrasion etc. and adhesion to curved surfaces

Product data (including barcode and human-readable information) was pre-printed by CILS, providing ready-to-use labels straight to Lewis-Goetz. A version that you can print yourself is also available.

The fully pre-printed labels manufactured for Lewis-Goetz offer a durable, convenient and cost-effective method of hose identification. Labels stay fully secure even when exposed to oils, grease and general industrial conditions, and don’t smudge, fade or deteriorate.

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