Label Design Software

CILS International provides professional label design software that makes in-house label production simple, allowing customers to create industry-standard labels on demand, from a PC.  The user-friendly software is ideal for generating custom ID sequences (including barcodes) and accessing a range of tools and graphics for creating and editing labels for any application.  The software is available at different specification levels, according to the complexity of customer requirements.  CILS consultants offer free help and support in selecting your software, and over the duration of your product use while purchasing CILS labels.

Software features include:

  • Various specification levels offering economical, entry-level packages to complex with network and multiple print station connectivity
  • Compatibility with most databases for easy access to current systems
  • Automatic generation of serialised numbers, e.g. tracking codes, asset ID numbers, lot numbers etc.
  • Library of shapes and graphics to customise security labels and hazard warning labels
  • Regulation compliant pictograms (CE, GHS, FDA UDI etc.)
  • A wide range of industry-standard linear and 2D barcode types for tracking purposes
  • Works with a wide range of fonts (including Windows)
  • User-friendly interface feels familiar and is easy to navigate
  • Intuitive design tool enable easy consolidation of label designs
  • Supports multi-lingual designs with full Unicode compatibility
  • Operates in over 20 languages, including:  English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Russian (русский), Português, Italiano, Türkçe, Chinese (Simplified) 汉语, Chinese (Traditional) 漢語


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