Thermal Transfer Printers

As part of their comprehensive service CILS is an independent supplier of thermal transfer printers for customers looking to purchase their first unit, replace an existing system or add to their current printer network.

CILS constantly surveys the market to shortlist the most appropriate printers for a range of demands, so customers don’t have to. The CILS selection of thermal transfer printers offers a match for every (laboratory/industrial) environment. CILS consultants are available to advise the most effective printer for your needs, and offer technical support throughout the life of your unit while using CILS labels.

  • CILS-BAS printers are an excellent value solution for entry-level labelling requirements, producing quality labels on demand. The compact design of the BAS series makes it easy to keep on a desktop or workbench, and their reliability and flexibility make them ideal for producing labels for a range of (industrial/ laboratory) applications. CILS-BAS printer models offer:

    • Best value of all basic desktop printers
    • Easy ribbon-loading system
    • Compact design for limited space
    • Perfect for medium label sizes (widths up to 4”)
    • Resolution 200-300dpi
    • Fast printing of 4”to 5” per second
    • 4MB flash memory / 8MB SDRAM on standard model
    • Ideal for low / medium print volumes of mid-sized labels
    • Offers a variety of connectivity options for personal, local and networked systems
    • Supports a good range of fonts, barcode symbologies and graphics features
    • Optional upgrades and accessories available
  • The CILS-INT printer series offers quality, durability and versatility, and represents outstanding mid-range value. Rugged metal casing ensures robustness in tough environments, and intuitive design allows easy servicing, set-up and operation. The INT range is ideal for medium to high volume printing for a range of applications. CILS-INT printer systems provide:

    • Capacity for high printing volumes
    • Metal case for added printer durability
    • Intuitive interface
    • Highly-compatible with previous generation printers and alongside your existing units
    • High resolution of 200-300 dpi
    • Fast printing of up to 6” per second
    • Prints labels up to 8” wide
    • 4MB flash memory / 8MB DRAM on standard model
    • Offers a variety of connectivity options
    • Excellent value mid-range printer
    • Wide range of linear and 2D barcode compatibility
    • Good range of font, graphics and symbology support
    • Optional upgrades and accessories available
  • CILS PRO printers are a professional thermal transfer printing tool, offering the highest performance and versatility for your (industrial / laboratory) workplace. The PRO printer range provides fast printing, exceptional thermal transfer print quality and the most rugged design for the toughest environments. CILS-PRO printers are the most effective option for high-volume printing, and offer:

    • A metal frame and cover for ultimate printer durability
    • Side-loading for straightforward media / ribbon loading
    • An easy-to-read interface panel
    • Fast printing of up to 14” per second
    • Excellent print quality of up to 600dpi
    • High level of precision for printing very small labels
    • 8MB flash memory / 16MB SDRAM on standard model
    • A multitude of connectivity options for easy installation alongside existing machines
    • Extensive support for fonts, graphics, symbols and linear / 2D barcodes
    • Optional upgrades and accessories available

For more information about any of the printers available from CILS, submit an enquiry and a technical adviser will be in touch.

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