Label Sets and Booklets

Label sets or booklets can be the most efficient and economical option if you require multiple durable labels for one application.

Labels can comprise of different sizes, shapes and designs (including colour coding), grouped on the sheet/web or supplied printed with your data in ready-to-use in booklets, making them ideal for testing kits or varied sample sizes in clinical trials etc.

Labels can be pre-printed by CILS with logos and data templates ready for you to add variable information, supplied completely blank, or fully-pre-printed with your database information.

Any of the CILS materials and adhesives can be manufactured into sets, ensuring your labels are able to withstand any environment (ultra-low temperatures, repeated handling, chemicals and solvents etc.), as your application requires.

The CILS Label Technology Centre has extensive experience in producing durable, computer-printable laboratory label sets.  If you think your problem could be solved with a label set or booklet, contact us for a free consultation.


    • Consistent label quality for all vessels
    • Printable from your PC and standard laser or thermal transfer printer
    • Exceptional label durability
    • Labels made to any size, shape and design - matched perfectly to your requirements
    • No more smudged, illegible or repetitive handwritten labels
    • Thousands of material / adhesive combinations to resist all laboratory processes
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)
    • Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
    • Cryoprotectants
    • HPLC solvents
    • Autoclave cycles
    • Extreme temperatures (-196°C to +155°C)
    • Cleaning agents
    • Humidity and moisture
    • Abrasion
    • Repeated handling
    • Etc.
    • Permanent solvent acrylic
    • High-tack solvent acrylic
    • Heavy-duty high-tack solvent acrylic
    • Removable
    • Ultra-removable
    • Void/tamper evident
    • Opaque
    • Water soluble
    • Repositionable
    • Thermal transfer
    • Laser
    • Inkjet
    • Reagent kit labelling
    • Cap and tube and closure sets
    • Clinical trials
    • Grouped patient data
    • Etc.

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