CPR Cable Compliance Labels - Time is running out!

Cpr Compliance News Story

From 1st July 2017, all electric cables used for the supply of electricity and for control and communication purposes, which are intended for use in construction works must meet European Standard EN 50575 of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Distributors and importers of electrical cables must ensure that product traceability is maintained after storage and distribution.
Printed labels must be durable enough to survive the life of the packaging (reels, coils or drums) carrying the CE mark and accompanying information.

CILS Cable Compliance Labels Solution

  • CILS manufacture durable printable identification labels for all cable packaging applications
  • CILS computer imprintable labels print straight from your PC and standard laser or thermal transfer printer
  • High-specification industrial-grade label adhesives - labels stay attached for the life of your cable packaging
  • Exceptional label durability
  • CILS labels offer permanent adhesion to smooth, textured, wooden and plastic surfaces etc.
  • You can choose to receive your labels blank or part-printed matched perfectly to your requirements
  • CILS can provide a complete print package system, including thermal transfer printer, software, print ribbons and computer imprintable durable labels.

CILS Durable labels resistant to:

  • Weathering
  • UV exposure
  • Abrasion / repeated handling
  • Moisture
  • Extreme temperatures (-50°C to +155°C)

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