Instant Permanent Adhesion to Textured Surfaces – New Label Product

Instand Grab Cils Hdhti

CILS International has launched the new CILS-8100HDHTI “instant grab” label range; heavy duty, high-tack labels that immediately adhere onto challenging industrial surfaces and remain immovable through the harshest industrial conditions.

The CILS-8100HDHTI range is a step up from CILS’ existing heavy duty label ranges (CILS-8/9100HT and 8/9100HDHT), offering better instant adhesion thanks to a newly developed high-performance solvent acrylic adhesive.

The label range is perfect for particularly difficult and heavily textured surfaces where standard labels simply don’t stick, and even most durable labels won’t stay completely secure.

Constructed in a tough polyester, CILS-8100HDHTI labels are heat resistant (temperatures from ‑40°C to +150°C), and can withstand chemical cleaning, severe weathering and much more, so print stays clear for easy tracking and traceability – from industrial manufacturing lines to long-term, outdoor machinery identification.

The CILS-8100HDHTI label range can be printed on-demand with a standard thermal transfer printer, or CILS can pre-print your label data for you – affording you the convenience of error-free barcodes and serial numbers, as well as the option of print-guarding your text for maximum durability.

Labels can be manufactured in any size, to match your exact specification. If you have a challenging surface or application which requires label identification contact us today. Samples are available on request.

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