CILS Ultra Solvent Resistant Range


The CILS ultra-solvent Resistant durable label range is constructed from a polyester label material and is resistant to the harshest industrial solvents and chemicals. The label range features a computer printable coating for thermal transfer printing with a CILS low surface energy permanent solvent acrylic adhesive

Making UL labelling simple…

CILS label technicians will suggest the ideal label material for your application and provide the information you need to satisfy your UL requirements.

All CILS labels have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories under the UL 969 Marking and Labelling System standard and are recognised for use on components sold in both the USA (PGJI2) and Canada (PGJI8). 

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      Matt white ultra-solvent resistant polyester with a CILS LSE permanent solvent acrylic adhesive
      Matt silver ultra-solvent resistant polyester with a CILS LSE permanent solvent acrylic adhesive
    • Material - PET
      Thickness (micron) - Typical Value: 50 ±10% µ
    • Temperature Tolerances
      Service Temp - Typical Value: -40°C to +150°C
      Application Temp - Typical Value: 10°C
    • Print Method
      Thermal Transfer
    • All label materials are designed for thermal transfer printing and must be printed using UL recognised thermal transfer ribbons to maintain UL approval. Contact CILS for advice on which is best suited to your application.
    • CILS labels have a minimum shelf life of two years stored in ambient conditions of max 21°C and 50% relative humidity.
    • Labels should not be stored in an environment exposed to high moisture, extreme heat or freezing conditions. Always store them in the bag provided.
    • All label materials meet REACH/SVHC and RoHS requirements.
    • The label material is outdoor resistant for at least two years. The expected exterior life of the label is dependent on the application.
    • CILS labels have passed UL tests for outdoor use. It is the responsibility of the customer/end user to establish correct UL recognition for end use.
    • Personal service: Our technical labelling team will recommend the best UL recognised computer printable label matched perfectly to your requirements
    • A UL label for every application: Our large range of 30 UL recognised materials covers the majority of industrial component applications and end-use requirements
    • Traceability: CILS UL recognised labels will satisfy the UL compliance criteria and provide the necessary audit trail required for UL product certification
    • Fast Manufacture: Labels are manufactured to any size, shape and dispatched within the industry’s fastest lead times.

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