'Handwritten' Sign and Seal Labels

CILS highly durable handwritten laboratory labels are perfect for situations where the highest level of durability is required and users do not have the facility to print labels using a thermal transfer or laser printer, such as field-based studies or clinical trials.

Users simply hand-write information and then use the attached, easy-to-apply, ‘wipe clean’ over-laminate layer to protect data against solvents (xylene, DMSO, etc.), extreme temperatures (-80°C to +155°C), alcohol wipes, autoclave cycles, repeated handling, humidity and moisture, etc.

CILS durable labels are manufactured to any size, shape, format and design for all laboratory applications and are easily transportable for off-site requirements.

  • Handwrittenn
  • Handwritten Sign

A consultant from the Label Technology Center will be able to assist with materials and adhesive options based on your specific application.

    • Handwrite and seal your variable data in seconds
    • Easy-to-apply, wipe-clean over-laminate
    • Exceptional label durability
    • Labels made to any size, shape and design - matched perfectly to your requirements
    • Extreme temperatures (-80°C to +155°C)
    • Autoclave cycles
    • Sterilisation cycles
    • Water baths
    • Laboratory solvents
    • Cleaning agents
    • Reagents
    • Humidity and moisture
    • Repeated handling
    • Etc.
    • Permanent solvent acrylic
    • High-tack solvent acrylic
    • Heavy-duty high-tack solvent acrylic
    • Removable
    • Ultra-removable
    • Void/tamper evident
    • Opaque
    • Handwritten
    • Asset identification
    • Laboratory plastic and glassware
    • Hospital equipment
    • Field-based testing and clinical trials

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