7 Tips for best performance from your Thermal Transfer Printer and labels in 2020

We have put together a list of 7 tips to ensure you are getting the best performance from your Thermal Transfer Printer.

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Lab sector label rolls

3 Common Mistakes in Laboratory Labeling and how to solve them

This blog discusses the 3 common mistakes lab technicians/laboratory staff make when using labels for their laboratory studies or research.

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Merging multiple label designs into one set

Merging multiple durable label designs into one label set can save you time, money and help you reduce waste. This blog discusses how a French medical device manufacturer achieved just that by following our recommendations of merging 3 se...

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Print your own social distancing signage labels

We have a range of durable labels you can use as a fast and efficient way to mark-up floors, walls, doors, etc. with social distancing messages, to ensure the safety of your staff when they return to work.

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Label printing service

Are you reviewing your durable labelling?

With increasing financial uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic it’s a great time to make use of our Label Performance Review service and see how we can help you improve efficiencies and save money.

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Labeling multi-specimen patient samples with color-coded labels

With CILS color-coded label sets, you can easily identify multi-specimen patient samples. You can print the patient data in-house or we can pre-printed your sample data onto the labels for you.

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CILS 'cover up' labels

Patient confidentiality can easily be maintained using 'block-out' or 'cover up' labels during 'double-blind’ clinical trials during COVID-19 drug discovery.

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Clinical trial sample identification labels

Computer imprintable labels, a more reliable and durable solution to handwritten laboratory sample identification labels.

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The pros and cons of setting up a remote print station during ‘testing’ times

What flexible options are available to print and produce test sample labels on-demand when out in the field or in remote areas?

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COVID-19: Working with our customers during these unprecedented times

Supporting the changing needs and increasing demands of our customers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Bringing your label printing in house to reduce costs - you will be surprised how cheaply you can do it!

We have created a simple guide to show how easy it is to print your labels in-house and that you probably already have most of what you need to be able to print highly durable labels.

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Durable labels that resist 70% hand sanitizing gel

Labels that resist 70% alcohol hand sanitizer and wipes

When labeling medical devices, equipment or instruments it is often the responsibility of the drug officers to ensure this is done correctly with inventory number and barcode. The labels will need to resist wipes that contain 70% isopropy...

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Medical device labels being printed

Labels for medical equipment

We work with global medical equipment manufacturers who sell into the US market. These manufacturers need computer printable labels that are durable and meet their durability requirements.

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