Durable labels for all laboratory conditions

Durable labels for all laboratory conditions

Getting laboratory labeling right means meeting the needs of modern labs and understanding the harsh conditions in which labels have to perform. Labs need clear, reliable labels to offer good traceability, compliance and best practices. Whether dealing with patient samples or toxic chemicals, poor labeling can lead to a loss of time, money and reputation.

Laboratory processes put labels under stress, with exposure to extreme temperatures, pressures and solvents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), xylene and Clearify™ - xylene alternative.

This makes choosing the right label solution important – what works for drug discovery or clinical trial work may not be best in pathology and histology labs.

Poor labeling can lead to the loss of vital specimen data, can negatively impact clinical trials and can mean that lab assets cannot be identified. All of this means wasted time and effort as well as frustration for affected patients.

A good durable label solution that combines the right materials and adhesives means you can label your specimens and assets with confidence. Our label experts will help you find the right label option for your lab specifications.

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