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    • Thermometer

      -196°C to +388°C

    • Beaker

      Solvents and chemicals

    • Weather

      Extreme weather

    • Abrasion

      Abrasion, UV and water

    • Harsh processes

      Harsh industrial applications

    • Thermal Transfer printer

      Thermal transfer printer

    • Laser printer

      Laser printer

    • Label printing service

      Label printing service


Are you looking for self-adhesive industrial labels?

Extreme temperatures and challenging environments are no match for CILS industrial labels. Get a custom, pre-printed or blank printable label solution suited to your industrial identification needs.

CILS - Laboratory processes

Are you looking for self-adhesive laboratory labels?

Chemical solvents, extremely cold temperatures and harsh processes are no match for CILS laboratory labels. Get a custom, pre-printed or blank printable label solution suited to your laboratory identification requirements.


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How To Print And Apply CILS Industrial Hose Labels

Watch our demonstration video showing you how easy it is to print out and apply a self-laminating hose identification label

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SANDVIK Adopt CILS Hose Identification Markers for a Robust Labelling Solution

Durable labelling specialists CILS International have worked with Sandvik to create a robust labelling solution for identifying industrial hoses and casings.

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Charles River Laboratories Adopt CILS CRYO -80°C PLUS Labels to Assure Robust Adhesion at -80°C While Resisting Acids and Methanol

Read how CILS delivered a simple, yet effective durable labelling solution to a leading global pharmaceutical and research provider.

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Guide - Everything you need for durable laboratory labelling

Download this guide which highlights everything you need for durable laboratory labelling.


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