Need reliable industrial or laboratory labels but not sure which options are right for you? Let us take your identification requirements and help you choose the best industrial or laboratory labels that are a perfect fit for their intended use.

Whatever the environment, whatever the industry, whatever the process – there is a durable label right for you.

We are trusted by some of the world's biggest companies to produce the best computer-printable labels. Find out more below and contact our experts to help you get started.

    • Thermometer

      -196° to +388°

    • Beaker

      Solvents & chemicals

    • Weather


    • Abrasion


    • Harsh processes

      Harsh processes

    • Thermal Transfer printer

      Thermal Transfer printer

    • Laser printer

      Laser printer

    • Label printing service

      Label printing service


Are you looking for industrial labels?

Get a custom computer-printable label solution suited to your industrial identification needs. Extreme temperatures and challenging environments are no match for our labels.

Are you looking for laboratory labels?

Get computer-printable labels for labware and accurate sample identification. The right specification gives you labels that stand up to chemical solvents and harsh processes.


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How can I cover up incorrect data on a label?

This blog looks at what options are available for manufacturers when the information printed on their labels is no longer correct or needs to be modified.

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Skydrol® resistant labels

A computer imprintable durable label resists the corrosive effects of Skydrol® and is more convenient and easier to produce than traditional metal identification plates.

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Clinical study labels

What types of durable labels are available for clinical studies and how do they resist various conditions from room temperature to cold storage in liquid nitrogen.

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Printing your variable data onto durable labels for you - how much does it cost?

The cost of printing your unique data onto durable labels depends on various factors, so it is impossible to provide a price list. Here we explain why.

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