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At CILS, we make durable industrial and laboratory labels for many applications, from industrial pipes and medical devices through to marine equipment and high-performance vehicles.

We offer blank and completely branded, ready-to-use labels – plus hybrid options where we part-print the labels, leaving you to add your own data via a standard desktop laser or thermal printer.

Our service – how we help

Choosing the right label is not a straightforward task. It requires an understanding of how a set of materials and adhesives combine with a chosen surface and how that label performs when exposed to the conditions in a target working environment. 

Instead of making a guess at what will be right for your identification needs, ask our experts. We save you time, money and effort by helping you choose durable labels that last the lifetime of your assets.

Whether you are a production engineer, a product designer or a lab manager, we can help you specify labels that save you time, money and effort while keeping your operation compliant and your reputation protected. 

Our promise – how we stand apart:

  • We will give you simple options – we will not confuse you with huge catalogues.

  • We will always consult you – we will not force label options on you.

  • We will deliver quickly – we will not keep you waiting for your labels.

We serve some of the biggest companies and organisations, such as ABB, Boeing and Bayer. 

But we are not just about serving the mega corporations. Every day, our team helps small and medium-sized businesses and labs to choose best-in-class durable labels for a huge range of applications. 

Check out our Sectors page to learn more about how we can help you.

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Labels that resist 70% alcohol hand sanitiser and wipes

When labelling medical devices, equipment or instruments it is often the responsibility of the drug officers to ensure this is done correctly with inventory number and barcode. The labels will need to resist wipes that contain 70% isopropyl alcohol and a label on a small device may also need to resist regular handling with freshly sanitized hands that may have a residue of 70% sanitising gel on them.

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Labels for medical equipment

We work with global medical equipment manufacturers who sell into the US market. These manufacturers need computer printable labels that are durable and meet their durability requirements.

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Rapid reaction to tackle the ongoing threat of COVID-19

Our ability to respond within hours to government health agencies like Public Health England and the US Department of Health & Human Services means we can help ensure they have the necessary tools to cope with the escalation of COVID-19.

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The pros and cons of setting up a remote print station during ‘testing’ times

Remote label print stations are ideal for situations where you need to produce labels on-demand at multiple locations, as it gives the flexibility needed to produce labels in batches sufficient for each day or one at a time.

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