Calibration Labels

Easy-to-use, durable and computer-printable CILS custom calibration labels make frequent machinery inspection easier, perfect for use as part of ISO 9001-2008 compliance and the legal requirements regarding weights and measures etc.

Durable labels are pre-printed with templates, text fields and fixed data etc. for you to add variable information, either by printing using your PC and standard laser / thermal transfer printer or hand-writing. The unique CILS computer-printable coating allows for crisp, legible text that resists heavy abrasion, extreme temperatures (-180°C to +388°C), weathering, industrial solvents (Acetone, MEK, etc.) and much more.

The calibration label range can be ordered in any material combination, shape or size and provides significant improvements in adhesion and durability over multipurpose / general durable labels.


    • Printable from your PC and standard laser or thermal transfer printer, or hand-writable
    • Adhesion to all surfaces, including: smooth, textured, powder-coated, cast metal, curved, low energy plastic surfaces etc.
    • Add value to your service with a professional label appearance
    • Labels made to any size, shape and design - matched perfectly to your requirements with no tooling charge
    • Extreme temperatures (-180°C to +388°C)
    • Fuels and oils
    • Industrial solvents (acetone, MEK, etc.)
    • Severe weathering
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Cleaning agents
    • Brake fluids
    • UV exposure
    • Abrasion
    • Etc.

    • Permanent solvent acrylic
    • High-tack solvent acrylic
    • Heavy-duty high-tack solvent acrylic
    • Removable
    • Ultra-removable
    • Void/tamper evident
    • Opaque
    • Water soluble
    • Repositionable
    • Thermal transfer
    • Laser
    • Handwritten
    • Electric / gas meters
    • Fuel pumps
    • Weighing instruments
    • Tooling equipment
    • Electro-mechanical equipment
    • Implementing ISO compliance 9001-2008
    • Enclosures
    • Etc.

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