The principles of UL 969 for Labels

This is the first video in our short series of UL videos. In this video we focus on the basics of UL 969 for labels, shed light on the differences between PGJI2 (USA), PGJI8 (Canada), PGDQ2 (US) & PGDQ8 (Canada) category codes.

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10 typical laboratory labelling questions we get asked by our customers

The 10 most commonly asked questions about laboratory labelling

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Low and ultra-low-temperature durable labels

For freezer and cryogenic laboratory storage down to -196°C. The CILS low and ultra-low-temperature label range provides clear and secure sample identification that resists conventional or low-temperature laboratory storage, liquid nitrog...

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Protect your assets with tamper evident security labels

CILS industrial-grade security labels are the perfect option if you need to protect your assets from being tampered with or altered. We have 8 cost-effective solutions available.

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Save time and reduce your ID costs - switch from metal plates to vca approved labels

What you'll learn in this blog is that you can now save money by switching from expensive metal plates to cost effective die cut durable labels as set out in EU regulation 19/2011~249/2012.

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Cyber Essentials Accreditation: putting our customers' data first

Computer Imprintable label systems (CILS) is Cyber Essentials Accredited by UK Government-backed, industry supported scheme established to protect organisations against common cyber-attacks.

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Reduce cost and save time: Use VCA Approved Vehicle Type Labels from CILS

The VCA has accepted 2 types of CILS thermal transfer computer imprintable labels for Vehicle Type Approvals. This will make the process of acquiring compliant type approval labels seamless for you.

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Anti static labels

Are your labels failing in high temperatures?

CILS high-temperature label range has been designed specifically for your challenging production processes.

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5 tips for better solvent resistant labelling

What do you need to consider to make the right durable label decision?

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Handwritten labels

Don’t get caught for F gas non-compliance

RACHP Labelling: January 1st 2017 marked the final deadline for compliance with the new EU F gas regulation (517/2014), yet many companies are still being stung with penalties for failing to properly meet its requirements.

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Durable labels for laboratory processes

Durable computer imprintable labels are a crucial identification method for laboratories worldwide. These specialist labels are constructed to survive harsh processes…

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Durable labels and printer

Your durable label printing options explained

Did you know that you can print labels in house using your existing laboratory laser or thermal transfer printer and achieve very high levels of durability?

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Laboratory labels

Ensure your labels withstand your processes

There are many label material options for durable computer imprintable labels, but which one is right for your application?

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