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SANDVIK Adopt CILS Hose Identification Markers for a Robust Labelling Solution

Sandvik hose marker labels

Read how CILS delivered a robust and cost-effective durable labelling solution to an industry leading global high-tech engineering group.  

Company Background

Sandvik is a global high-tech engineering group who operate in research and development, production process and services for manufacturing and machining, mining and rock, rock processing and material technology solutions.


CILS was invited to work with Sandvik to create a robust labelling-solution to identify industrial hoses and cases due to previous issues of paper labels being too fragile and were fading and peeling after exposure to harsh environments that included tough surface drill-rig conditions.

The following label requirements were needed:

  • Labels had to withstand abrasion, splashes of oils and hydraulic fluid

  • Labels had to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C / 390°F

  • Label adhesive needed to stay secure on industrial hoses of various diameters


  • To provide a fully pre-printed label manufactured for Sandvik that stays fully secure when exposed to oils, grease and general industrial conditions and doesn’t smudge, fade or deteriorate

  • To provide a durable, convenient and cost-effective method of hose identification


After a successful testing period, CILS manufactured and provided the following label that would provide Sandvik a durable and long-term label solution for their hose products.

  • CIL-81000TK: A 50 micron polyester label featuring a white printable area and clear, self-laminating, wraparound tail, for extra protection against industrial fluids / abrasion and harsh environments and includes secure adhesion to curved surfaces

  • Product data (including barcode and human-readable information) was pre-printed by CILS, providing ready-to-use labels straight to Sandvik

The fully pre-printed hose identification labels manufactured for Sandvik offer a durable, convenient and cost-effective method of hose identification. CILS Hose Labels stay fully secure even when exposed to oils, grease and general industrial conditions, and don’t smudge, fade or deteriorate.

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