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Charles River Laboratories Adopt CILS CRYO -80°C PLUS Labels to Assure Robust Adhesion at -80°C While Resisting Acids and Methanol

Read how CILS delivered a simple, yet effective durable labelling solution to a leading global pharmaceutical and research provider. 

Company background

Charles River Laboratories is a leading global provider in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, government, and academic organisations offering a variety of products and services that span the entire drug discovery and development sphere.


As CILS is a trusted supplier to a number of Charles River laboratory sites globally, we were invited by one of their main facilities that conducts general toxicology and specialist studies to introduce our products and services. Upon presenting ourselves successfully, CILS was offered the opportunity to work with Charles River Laboratories to rectify a performance issue with their current labels falling off the cryovials.

Their applications involved labels being applied to polypropylene plastic cryovials that were being stored in cryogenic storage temperatures between -60°C and -90°C whilst also needing to be citric acid and methanol resistant. Using between 4,000 and 6,000 sample ID labels daily, their current labels were falling off due to poor adhesion which resulted in duplication of effort due to the cryovials needing to be re-labelled. The challenge was to provide a thermal transfer printable label that remained adhered to the cryovial whilst ensuring robust solvent durability to meet their daily requirements.

What we did

After understanding the challenges that Charles River were facing and the impact their current labels were having on costs and overall productivity, we sent out samples of CILS CRYO -80°C PLUS for testing. As a premium high-quality polyester label with added durability for long term freeze and dry ice storage, this product was perfectly suited for their laboratory processes and resistant to the solvents being used.


After a successful testing period, Charles River validated CILS as their new supplier and new cryogenic labels and thermal transfer ribbons were supplied successfully. The addition of the improved cryogenic label solution means that Charles River Laboratories have the assurance their labels will last the lifetime of their samples.

Due to the success of this project CILS has since been selected to further support Charles River Laboratories globally.


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