Application Demo - Sign and Seal Labels

Preprinted CILS Sign and Seal Labels with an overlaminate that protects your handwritten label and is durable for at least 2 years' of outdoor life.

CILS Sign and Seal Durable Labels

Rub test - Ultra-solvent resistant polyester label and Skydrol®

CILS-TMWUSPET (LSE) thermal transfer printed (using a CILS-RRD ribbon) ultra-solvent resistant polyester label - 50 double rubs with Skydrol®.

Rub test - Ultra-solvent resistant label and Skydrol®

UL series - What is PGAA approval

This video talks about applying the UL mark onto your products if using a label and all about the UL PGAA supplier programme.

An overview of PGAA

UL series - What is a UL file number?

Video 2 in our UL series that discusses what a UL file and yellow card refers to.

What is a UL file number?

UL series - UL 969 Basics and categories PGJI2, etc.

This is the first video in our short series of UL videos. In this video we focus on the basics of UL 969 for labels, shed light on the differences between PGJI2 (USA), PGJI8 (Canada), PGDQ2 (US) & PGDQ8 (Canada) category codes.

UL 969 Basics

Guide - New industrial label product guide from CILS International

Download this guide which highlights the 8 key products and services from CILS International.


Guide - Everything you need for durable laboratory labelling

Download this guide which highlights everything you need for durable laboratory labelling.