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Industrial Labels

Industrial labels play an essential part in all types of product identification processes, asset tracking and help to ensure compliance with a range of safety regulations. They are designed to last in harsh industrial environments, making them perfect for use on all applications throughout the automotiveaerospace, military and oil and gas industry.

Industrial label rolls showing different styles and colours

As a leading industrial self-adhesive label manufacturer, we provide the following:

What are industrial labels?

Industrial labels have exceptional label durability that can withstand extreme temperatures from -180°C to +388°C and are solvent/abrasion resistant.

Features of CILS industrial labels:

  • Exceptional label durability and solvent/abrasion resistance

  • Thousands of materials and adhesive combinations available for every surface and application

  • Labels stay attached for the life of your product

  • Self-adhesive labels made to any shape, size, colour and design

  • Add value to your product with a professional label appearance

  • Removable for short term durable identification

We offer a variety of label material, adhesive and security options:

  • Durable white or coloured polyester

  • Metalised polyester perfect for replacing metal plates

  • Conformable vinyl's with outdoor UV resistance

  • Ultra-solvent resistant polyester for chemical resistance

  • Permanent adhesives for smooth, slightly textured or rough surfaces

  • High temperature +388°C for anti-static and outgassing

  • Tamper evident features for security that include tamper, void, slits and perforations

  • Sequential barcode and QR code label options for asset tracking, usage patterns and service intervals

Our industrial labels are resistant to:

  • Extreme temperatures (-180°C to +388°C)

  • Industrial solvents including Acetone, IPA and MEK

  • Fuel and oils

  • Severe weathering

  • Hydraulic fluids

  • Cleaning agents

  • Brake fluids

  • UV exposure

  • Abrasion

CILS have worked with companies such as Eaton, BMW, Siemens and Rolls-Royce Aerospace and have designed and manufactured labels that can not only ensure long-lasting print, but also offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal plates or inadequate low-tech labels.

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As a UK ISO 9001: 2015 approved label manufacturer, we are committed to quality with industry leading turnaround times shipping to national and international destinations. Trusted worldwide for a good reason, why not talk to our team now about how our CILS Industrial label range can perform for your industrial applications.

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