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Cable and Wire Labels

Conformable durable labels for instant cable identification

We know the uncertainty you face when there are unidentified cables or wires and you need to perform testing and repair on IT cabling, machinery cabling, telecoms wires and more.

Label failure means it takes more time to identify wires and cables. When connection points or the full length of wiring is not accessible, such as in underground work, this can result in a lot of wasted testing to identify the correct cables.

Self-laminating labels that permanently safeguards all printed data

Avoid the risks of re-mapping connections after maintenance and repair by choosing the right specification for your cable and wire labels. With wrap-around labels that safeguard printed data such as barcodes and ID numbers, our durable, self-extinguishing labels are a step up from traditional coloured coded cable markers.

Our labels are ideal for cables and wires used in IT, communications and electrical devices:

  • Hard-wearing for handling and resistant to weathering and ambient heat.
  • Wraparound labels mean that cables do not need to be disconnected when labels are added or replaced.
  • Self-laminating option allows you to add printed or handwritten data, then wrap around the laminate for extra durability.
  • Thin but durable material means labels curve easily around wires without unravelling.
  • Long-lasting adhesive gives you permanency for cable and wire ID labels.
  • Vinyl cable and wire markers are a¬†self-extinguishing option for extra safety in case of fire.

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