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Heat and solvent resistant labels for full traceability of your PCBs

We understand how important labels are for tracking and traceability of PCBs in the electronic production processes. It is essential that your PCB is fully tracked from end-to-end so that you can be certain that each one has completed the full manufacture cycle. To do this your labels have to withstand extreme temperatures (up to +388ºC), chemicals and handling, all while maintaining high levels of readability throughout.

Label failure means that your PCB boards cannot be traced throughout production, leaving uncertainty over the validity of manufacture. This results in potential time delays and extra cost when a PCB batch has to be discarded and re-produced.

Minimise the risk of downtime and costs and ensure you have full manufacture traceability by getting the right PCB Label for you and your specific application.

Our labels are ideal for use on printed circuit boards:

• Full end-to-end manufacture traceability.

• Temperature resistant from -40ºC to +388ºC, to support all electronic production processes.

• Hard-wearing and able to withstand chemicals, wave solder, infrared ovens and deionised water, ultrasonic cleaning & detergents.

• Special surface coating to ensure sharp printing even at the smallest size, perfect for highly readable barcodes.

• Labels as small as 5mm × 5mm, without any loss of print quality.

• Fully computer printable by you using a thermal transfer or standard desktop laser printer.

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