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We know it is a requirement for your calibrated equipment to meet compliance regulations, such as those set out by National Measurement Accreditation Service (NAMAS) in the UK. To demonstrate proof of calibration for all sorts of precision measuring equipment, you need labels that last and that can withstand exposure to handling and abrasion, grease, dirt and cleaning solvents.

Label failure means losing valuable proof of previous calibration dates and precision measurement data.

Stay compliant

Minimise the risks of failing to meet compliance regulations or having to retest and relabel your equipment. Choose a durable Calibration Label that meets your specifications.

Our labels are well suited for use on scales, measuring devices, fuel delivery pumps and other engineering and manufacturing equipment:

• Enhanced adhesives matched to the surface means your Calibration Labels stay put until the next test.

• Hard-wearing and durable materials stand up to challenging operating environments, such as exposure to harsh cleaning solvents.

• Your variable data can be printed by us or left for you to print directly via a thermal transfer or standard desktop laser printer.

• Support for handwritten labels when your calibration staff are working in the field.

• Options to use tamper-evident or void materials to reveal proof of removal.

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