Hose Labels

Industrial strength labels that protect your crucial data in the harshest environments

We know how important it is for your hoses and pipes to be well labelled so that you can comply with regulations and perform effective maintenance and replacement work. You need reliable labels that can display data such as date of manufacture and the maximum pressure a hose can withstand while keeping that information safe from dirt, heat, moisture and other harsh environments.

Label failures mean uncertainty and waste, with hours of investigation work needed as engineers spend time checking for faulty hoses or pipe leaks.

Our labels are perfect for hydraulic and pneumatic hoses as well as for pipes, and are used throughout the oil & gas, mining, automotive and energy & utilities industries:

  • High-durability labels that withstand typical hose and pipe environments, such as abrasion and handling, weather, dirt & grease, heat, moisture and oil.
  • Self-laminating labels offer protection from harsh solvents and abrasion for printed and handwritten data, and are available in large sizes.
  • Enhanced adhesive properties mean that labels stay in place instead of unravelling on the curved surfaces of hoses and pipes.
  • Hoses and pipes do not need to be disconnected when labels are added or replaced.
  • Vinyl labels are self-extinguishing for extra safety in case of fire.

Keep your data safe and avoid regulatory breaches

Reduce the chances of receiving fines and inspections due to breaches of regulations. Choose the best durable Hose and Pipe Labels to meet your specifications.

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