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Security Labels

CILS has 8 great security label/sticker options available to help prevent theft and ensure your assets are tracked.

When secure identification is essential, our security labels provide peace of mind. Popular label features include tamper/void evident materials, anti-removal perforations or slits, and ultraviolet adhesive trace (invisible to the naked eye).

Our industrial-grade durable tamper-proof labels are almost impossible to remove intact, and can be printed with a standard laser or thermal transfer printer.  Get a label that lasts and keeps your data safe from interference.

Our security label range includes:

  • Tamper evident labels that use a special material, combined with strong adhesives which cause the label to disintegrate like an 'eggshell' upon attempted removal.
  • White or Metalised 'Void' evident labels that leave a 'Void' message upon attempted removal from the surface that the label was applied to. This clearly indicates the label has been tampered with by leaving a 'Void' message both on the surface and on the label so that it cannot be re-used.
  • Perforated tamper-evident labels that have pre-specified perforations that break apart upon attempted removal, indicating clearly that the label has been tampered with which is ideal for screw cap tubes etc.
  • Ultraviolet 'Void' labels that have an adhesive trace that is invisible to the naked eye but can be detected with UV light.
  • Holographic tamper labels which are clear but when removed leave a holographic 'Void' pattern.
  • Anti-tamper security slits that can be added to any durable label to make sure that when the label is tampered with the label will tear providing evidence of tampering.
  • Removable tamper-evident labels which remove cleanly from the application but leave a 'Void' message on the label so it cannot be re-applied.
  • Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approved tamper-evident labels that meet the requirements of strict VCA testing meeting compliance purposes for type approval labels - letter of non-concern provided. A version is also available with a 'Void' message.

Speak to one of our label specialists to discuss your labelling needs - get in touch.

We understand how important it is to be sure that your assets are free from tampering and any fraudulent activity. You need labels that can deter others from unauthorised handling or use of your equipment.

Label failure means you cannot demonstrate evidence of fraudulent activity, and this could invalidate forensic evidence and similar critical assets.

Reduce the risks of fraud and theft by using durable tamper-proof labels that show void and tampering evidence in line with your specifications.

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