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Warning and Safety Labels

Our durable labels stand up to extreme temperatures (-180°C to +388°C), weathering, abrasion, industrial solvents and more, making them for ideal instruction labels, hazardous substance transportation labels, and health and safety notice labels.

Order blank coloured labels and print your own warnings and instructional messages using your own standard laser or thermal transfer printer. Alternatively, take our full or partial-print service, with GHS compliant pictograms (or pictogram borders).


We understand how vital it is to provide important hazard warnings and safety instructions. To do this, your labels must withstand weathering, moisture, dirt, grease and solvents, as well as abrasion and handling.

Label failure can result in damaged machinery and products, and in extreme cases may lead to injury or even death, with a potentially huge impact on your reputation.

Reduce the risks of breaching safety and compliance rules, minimise the possibility of litigation and avoid the costs of unnecessary product repairs and replacements by investing in Hazard and Warning Self-Adhesive Labels that meet your specifications.

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