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Asset Identification Labels

We understand how important it is to track and trace your laboratory assets and equipment. You need to be sure where your assets are and that they have not been tampered with. Your assets must be labelled reliably so calibration, stock management, repair and maintenance can take place.

Your Asset ID labels are subjected to stringent cleaning processes, and are exposed to harsh solvents. Compromised labels or label failure means unidentifiable assets, leading to invalid asset registers. This means costs and time wasted due to lost assets, manual asset checks and inability to identify assets for repair and maintenance.

Reduce the chances of your asset records being incorrect and safeguard your stock with the best durable asset labels to suit your specification.

Our labels are ideal for use on equipment and assets that need to be reliably identified:

  • Print your own labels with void or tamper-evident material, using a standard desktop laser or thermal transfer printer.
  • Add your own branding and variable data such as barcodes and serial numbers, to help with asset identification.
  • Hard-wearing for handling, cleaning with harsh solvents, abrasion and difficult operating environments.
  • Adhesive matched to the application surface, making a label that lasts the lifetime of the asset.

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