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Medical Device Labels

We understand that the challenges of labelling in the medical environment can take their toll on labels, which are constantly exposed to cleaning agents, temperature variation, autoclave, handling and frequent maintenance.

We Specialise in labels that meet your requirements and yet you can print as much or as little information as you want using a laser or thermal transfer printer. 

For medical devices we manufacture:

  • Warning labels to keep patients and staff away from potential hazards 
  • UDI labels that are compliant with the MHRA (UK), MDR (EU) and FDA (US)
  • Asset ID labels essential for the management of asset
  • Instruction labels to provide setup and use guidance
  • Rating Plate labels to display important electrical, weight information, etc...
  • CE/UKCA/UKNI/UL Marking labels for industry compliance
  • Calibration & Maintenance labels to assist technical compliance


We can manufacture your labels with the most appropriate adhesive for your surface, to make sure that the label stays in place for the lifetime of your products.


The label material and printing method will match the environment of your medical equipment and everything it might come into contact with. Click here to see what our labels resist.

Printing Options

  • Blank labels for you to print everything yourself using a laser or thermal transfer printer,
  • Fully printed labels with colourful logo, warning symbols, barcodes, serial numbers, UDI information, etc...
  • Hybrid labels, where we pre-print a professional-looking label and you add your variable information. 


We stay up-to-date with the latest regulations regarding the labelling of medical equipment. We work on a consultative approach and collaborate with you to manufacture the labels that will help you stay compliant. 

Read more about the label requirements for medical devices and how CILS can help you meet your label requirements.

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