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Throughout an industrial supply chain, labelling is used to identify products, aid traceability, achieve compliance, follow regulations and provide safety or rating information.

To do this, industrial-strength labels need to deal with harsh environments, including handling and abrasion, dirt and grease, fuels, weathering, moisture, extremes of temperature, and more.

Labels for industrial use must stand up to challenging conditions, but not all industries are the same and so requirements will vary.

Inadequate labelling can lead to time and money wasted as staff have to repair or replace labels. It is wise to choose an identification solution that is ready to withstand all relevant conditions, to ensure the integrity of the information and the continuity of your business.

But with up to 5 key layers in an industrial label and more than 3500 possible combinations of label material and adhesives, this choice can be difficult. This is where our labelling experts come in – we help you find the right label option for your industry.

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