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Aerospace and avionics

Industrial aerospace and avionics labels are used in all flight parts that require durable label identification. 

Supplying world leading companies

CILS supply the world's biggest aerospace names such as NASA, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Lockheed Martin and Airbus, providing industrial aerospace and avionic labels for engines, black box recorders and many other forms of aircraft equipment.

Aerospace label durability

Our labels withstand high-altitude temperatures and exposure to:

  • Oil and grease

  • Hydraulic fluids

  • Dirt

  • Out-gassing and more....

Durable aerospace and avionic labels offer tolerance to frequent temperature fluctuation, and our labels have self-extinguishing properties and resistance to aviation fuels and fluids such as Skydrol®.

Typical label applications

Aerospace and avionics labels are found in all areas of the aerospace industry including:

  • Engines

  • Wing panels

  • Nose cones

  • Rotor vibration

  • Computer monitors

  • Security scanning equipment

They are even used on in-flight entertainment systems and catering storage and distribution equipment.

Other label types for the aerospace and avionics industry include:

Cable and wire labels

Calibration labels

Tamper proof labels

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