Labels built to last

Industrial-strength automotive labels are used in every part of a vehicle that needs durable identification. We supply manufacturers such as Renault, Mercedes AMG and Ford Power Products with durable labels for alternators, starter motors, cables and harnesses, engine management systems and more.

Automotive durability 

Our labels are built to withstand oils, fuels, greases, high temperatures and all the difficult internal and external conditions of automotive use, such as exposure to dirt, grit, salt and stones.

Meet standards and reduce cost

Good durable automotive labels are faster to produce and more cost effective than stamping. They help you meet industry standards while avoiding wasted production time and cost that can occur when inadequate labelling is used.

We don't just label cars

Automotive labels are not just used for the manufacture of cars and their assemblies, they are used in all areas of the automotive sector, including truck manufacture, coach building, vehicle modification and motorised street cleaning equipment.

Meet regulations

CILS Rating Labels are used for identifying engine emissions and are currently being used to help meet the new identification requirements detailed in EU regulation 19/2011~249/2012.

Other label types for the automotive industry include Calibration Labels, Warning and Safety Labels and Rating Plate Labels.


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