Supplying world leading companies

Engineering labels are used throughout the engineering industry, not only on machinery but also on tubes, cables and storage tanks. We supply engineering companies such as BASF, Tata Steel, Swann Engineering, Emerson Mowbray and Sandvik.

Built to last

Our labels are able to resist the difficult conditions of industrial engineering, such as extreme temperatures, powder-coated surfaces, underwater environments and exposure to acetone and other harsh solvents.

Good engineering labels provide reliable traceability for the lifetime of your machinery and equipment, reducing the time and cost associated with failed identification and relabelling.

Typical applications

Engineering labels are found on any piece of specially engineered equipment where the component parts are specified on a drawing.

These durable labels are essential to ensure the correct performance of the label and equipment and once specified on a drawing, can be referred to in the future, especially when subcontractors are working from your drawings.

Common types for the engineering industry include Rating Plate Labels, Component Labels, Barcode Labels and Product ID Labels.

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