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Marine equipment

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Marine labels are used in all parts of salt air and sub-sea equipment that require reliable identification. We supply Guidance Marine, Hamilton Jet, Cussons Technology and many others with labels for marine engines, flares, navigation equipment, radar and sonar, and many other uses.

Built to last

Aside from exposure to sea water, our labels are exposed to oils, grease, abrasion, weathering, high temperatures and ultraviolet light (UV).

Good durable labels avoid the risk of mis-identification, which means fewer safety issues or hazards that can cost time and money to rectify.

Typical applications

Marine labels are a good fit for electronic enclosures, antennae, radar, campasses, winches and davits, fibreglass and steel panels, storage tanks and marine pipelines.

Label types used in the marine industry include Rating Plate Labels, Security Labels and Cable and Hose Marker Labels.

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