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Oil and gas

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Oil and gas labels are used in all parts of the fuel industry where safety-compliant labelling is needed. We supply large oil companies such as Q8, Total, Shell Marine and Helmerich and Payne with durable labels for labelling pipes, hoses and various stock items.

Built to last

Our labels are built to withstand the challenges of oil and gas collection, and the tough environments of fuel storage and transport.

Reliable labels help oil and gas production processes to meet safety and compliance standards, including BS5609 for the maritime transportation of hazardous goods at sea.  

Where you will find our labels

Our oil and gas labels offer anti-static and oil-resistant identification, and are used on more than 300 oil platforms around the world.

The labels have to withstand difficult conditions such as weathering, frequent handling, and exposure to oils, greases, salt water and high temperatures.

Good durable oil and gas labels offer health and safety compliance, including compatibility with ATEX (European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres) requirements, as well as long-term traceability.

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