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Product and equipment manufacturing

Supplying world leading companies

Product and equipment manufacturing labels are used throughout the production and assembly process, offering excellent traceability and making it easier to handle product issues and recalls. We supply manufacturers such as Tata Steel, Fujitsu Invia, Valeo, Mettler Toledo, Saint-Gobain and Gestra.

Built to last

Our labels withstand exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, cleaning agents and all of the challenging environments found in industrial manufacture.

Good durable product and equipment manufacturing labels make production more efficient. Instead of the costs of lost labels, you get the best in hard-wearing identification, brand protection and product traceability.

Typical applications

Product and equipment manufacturing labels have a wide variety of uses, including d├ęcor enhancement, logos and branding, fixed information, symbols, warnings, approvals and schematics, and are found on everything from tools and product-holding frames through to sensors and refrigeration equipment.

Our labels are made to withstand frequent abrasion and cleaning, and are resistant to the difficult conditions found throughout the production process.

Good durable labels will save you the time and expense of identifying products and equipment that have lost their labels, and give you reliable traceability outside your factories and assembly lines.

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