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Clinical and medical laboratories use durable labels to identify clinical specimens. We supply labs such as King's College London and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust with labels that are used to record patient data related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Built to last

Our labels withstand autoclave sterilisation, cryopreservation, slide staining and exposure to xylene and isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and are flexible enough to work well on curved containers.

Good durable labels suit labs that need efficient, colour-coded label sets and high-tech adhesives that can help to safeguard valuable clinical data.

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Clinical and medical laboratory labels are used throughout medical institutes and hospitals around the world, in departments such as histopathology, haematology, microbiology, immunology and toxicology.

Our labels are suited to a range of conditions, from the heat and pressure of autoclave sterilisation through to the freezing temperatures (as low as -196ÂșC) of cryotube experiments.

This makes them the ideal choice for labs that need highly durable and resistant labels that safeguard vital clinical data.

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