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CILS High Volume Durable Label Range

Ideal for high volume, rapid label manufacturing of up to 1.35 million labels per hour that resist temperatures down to -320ºF (-196ºC).

Our labels are used extensively within organizations such as, New York State Department and the World Health Organisation as well as medical sectors to accurately identify and track specimens’ samples and vaccines in high quantities.

The label range is perfectly suited for use on multi-dose vials (type 1 glass) with a rubber stopper and a flip-off plastic cap with an aluminum seal containing COVID-19 vaccine and 2ml vials used in clinical trials. These labels are able to resist long-term cryogenic and LN2 storage (-320ºF/-196ºC).

CILS high volume durable label range is manufactured using our state-of-the-art CILS-SGX™ technology ensuring exceptionally quick turnarounds on high quantities of labels.

The high-tech label material & adhesive that CILS use ensures labels do not detach at ultra-low temperatures down to -320ºF and are suitable for all labware, including cryo-tubes, vials and cryo-boxes.

Label Options

 Material -4ºF  -112ºF  Liquid Nitrogen (-320ºF) Gas-phase (<-238ºF) 
 CILS Cold -4ºF     Y         
 CILS Cryo -112ºF     Y     Y                                        
 CILS Cryo -320ºF     Y     Y                    Y                  Y


  • Print straight from your PC with a Laser or Thermal Transfer printer
  • Labels stay attached and data legible down to temperatures of -320ºF (-196ºC)
  • Able to manufacture high quantities of labels quickly
  • Easy to apply with gloved hands
  • Any size, shape and color-coded design
  • Perfect against laboratory solvents and pre-cooling alcohol
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, cryogenic storage, flash and long-term LN2, dry ice transportation and multiple freeze/thaw cycles
  • Can be provided blank, part-printed or fully printed - speak to your technical account manager for more info

Label Types

  • Cryo-storage labels
  • Cap & Tube sets
  • Wrap-around labels
  • Freezer storage
  • LN2 storage    

Method of manufacturing high quantity labels

We have specifically developed CILS-SGX™ technology to be able to handle high quantity label jobs quickly. This means we are able to operate high-speed press machines, which are able to convert label materials in record times using materials that are ideally suited for vaccine and clinical trial research labeling resisting temperatures down to -196ºC (-320ºF).

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