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Cold and Cryogenic Labels

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What are cold and cryogenic labels?

CILS cold and cryogenic thermal transfer and laser printable label range are designed for laboratory applications that require cold and ultra-low temperature storage down to -196°C as well as multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Our cold and cryo labels provide clear and durable sample identification with a secure and permanent label adhesive. These labels can be used on a wide range of surfaces stored at cold and deep freeze temperatures ranging from -20°C, -80°C and -196°C.

CILS cold and cryogenic label range includes...

  • CILS COLD -20°C - Water tolerant paper label for storage in cold temperature freezers, refrigerators and ambient conditions
  • CILS CRYO -80°C - General purpose polymer label for short to medium term freeze storage in ultra-low temperature freezers and dry ice transportation 
  • CILS CRYO -80°C (PLUS) - Premium high quality durable polyester label with added durability for long term freeze storage use in ultra-low temperature freezers and dry ice transportation - check out our case study
  • CILS CRYO -196°C - General purpose polymer label for cryogenic storage and is resistant to liquid nitrogen and multiple freeze thaw cycles
  • CILS CRYO -196°C (SL) - With the same functionality as CILS CRYO -196°C, this highly durable wrap-around self-laminating polyester label provides extra protection of the printed data against solvents and chemicals

Our high-quality low temperature labels meet the everyday needs for industries that include:

  • Research and test laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals
  • Medical education
  • Public health
  • Science
  • Veterinary

As a manufacturer of cold and cryogenic resistant durable labels, we can produce any size, shape and color coded design that is required. These labels can be supplied blank or customised in part, or fully printed.

CILS cold and cryogenic label applications

Our cold and cryogenic label range is perfectly suited for printing high resolution sample ID labels. Provides you with full control to print directly from your own PC via a thermal transfer printer or standard laser printer.

CILS cold and cryogenic labels are resistant to:

  • Alcohol and water
  • Detergent
  • Chemicals
  • Mild solvents
  • Handling and abrasion

Available options

  • Self-laminating wrap-around labels suited for added durability and adhesion
    (ideal against laboratory solvents and pre-cooling alcohol)
  • Conformable material option used for full surface contact on rounded or contoured objects
  • Removable labels suited for glass and plastic labware and perfect for in-transit or temporary product labelling
  • Color-coding for quick identification
  • Custom labels and variable data printing and label design service

As an ISO 9001: 2015 approved label manufacturer, we are committed to quality and industry lead turnaround times in the US and International destinations. Our durable cryogenic labels are trusted worldwide for a good reason, so talk to our team now about how our CILS Cold and Cryogenic labels can perform perfectly for your laboratory applications.

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