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Rating Plate Labels

What are rating plate labels?

These are labels that have the same function as data plates, placards or nameplates however, are a very durable and cheaper alternative. Rating plate labels identify and track essential data such as serial or model numbers, date of manufacture, load data, voltage, operating instructions and more.

We know that it is vital to be able to quickly recognize the rating of electrical products and that the rating plate labels need to stand up to harsh conditions such as exposure to dirt, grease and fuels.

Label failure means you risk using parts with the wrong rating information. This can lead to poor performance, damage to products or even injury.

Reduce the cost and time wasted in replacing your labels and any damaged mechanical products by choosing a durable label specification that lasts the lifetime of your electrical parts.

Why use durable rating plate labels?

  • Rating plate labels are cheaper and quicker to create than traditional metal plates - no need for rivets or screws.
  • Bulk printing makes our durable labels a much simpler and more efficient choice than etching into metal plates.
  • Exceptional high-performance label durability equal to expensive metal plates.
  • High-specification industrial-grade label adhesives - labels stay attached for the life of your product.
  • Permanent adhesion to all surfaces, including smooth, textured, powder-coated, cast metal, curved, low energy plastic surfaces etc.
  • Hard-wearing durable labels withstand extreme temperatures (-180°C to +388°C), weathering, handling and abrasion, grease, fuels, and other harsh environments.
  • Add value to your product with a professional label appearance

Common uses for rating plate labels include pumps and valves, VIN plates, actuators, gearboxes, electronic equipment, data plates, product identification, motors, drives and engines.

Options Available:

  • White, colored or metallic giving the appearance of a metal plate
  • 3 levels of solvent acrylic adhesive to stick to a range of textured surfaces
  • Durable polyester that is impossible to tear
  • Any size or shape to fit your product, recess etc
  • Optional security features including tamper, void, slits, holographic, perforated etc
  • Fully printed or part-printed labels, and add your own variable data by hand or by using a thermal transfer or standard desktop laser printer.

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