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Energy and utilities

Supplying world leading companies

Energy and utilities labels are used in all parts of the energy market. We supply companies such as BNFL, Honeywell, Severn Trent, Rolls-Royce Nuclear and Siemens with labels for machine and plant parts, pumps and many more assets.

Built to last

Our labels are built to withstand harsh industrial processes and environments such as high and low temperatures and weathering.

Good durable labels avoid the compliance issues caused by failed labels that no longer display manufacture and tracking information for parts especially when subcontractors are involved with the installation and maintenance .

Typical applications

Energy and utilities labels are used on pumping equipment, valves, meters, transformers, inverters and solar panels and can be found above and below ground.

Other labels types used in the energy and utilities industry include Calibration Labels, Tamper Evident Labels and Self-laminating Cable Markers.

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