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Durable computer-printable labels are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure they perform in challenging industrial environments and survive harsh laboratory processes.

Getting the wrong label has implications: from the time and money wasted in repeating identification work through to compliance failures for incorrect or unclear labeling. And for industrial and lab use, a failure to invest in good labeling can represent a health and safety risk.

We produce a range of labels that are suited for use in various industrial and laboratory applications. With thousands of potential label configurations, you can be sure that the right label will give you trouble-free use.

You can print your labels in house via a laser or thermal transfer printer. Alternatively, we are able to provide a fully managed print service that delivers ready-to-use labels.

Our speciality is to provide partial printing, leaving you to complete the labels with your own data. Whichever route suits you, the right combination of label materials, adhesives and printer ribbon will help your crucial data stay put.

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