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NiceLabel – get the best label design software

To create industry-standard labels in house, you need the right software to accompany your laser or thermal transfer printer.

Instead of using general design or word processing software, we recommend NiceLabel – a dedicated label design package that makes it quick and easy to generate bar codes and serial numbers. You can also add graphics and edit your label designs to suit any industrial or laboratory application.

Choose an option from the NiceLabel range below and get ready to create your own durable labels.


Designer Express 2019

Looking for a simple way to print your own labels in house? Designer Express 2019 provides the ideal entry point for basic label design setup. It offers support for counters and variables, and integration with MS Excel data and other text data.

Step-by-step screens and predesigned label templates help you design compliant labels that contain bar codes, text, serial numbers and images.

Once your design is ready, you can print your labels using your own laser or thermal transfer printer.


Designer Pro 2019

For more advanced label requirements, Designer Pro offers a rich feature set to help you control all elements of your label design and data.

Designer Pro supports rich text fields, curved text, complex serialization and multiple database connections including Excel, Access, SQL Server and Oracle.

Create professional designs quickly and then print via a standard laser or thermal transfer printer. With single-user and multi-user licence options, Designer Pro is the ideal choice for creating in-house labels that last.


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