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High Temperature Labels

What are high temperature labels?

High temperature labels (also known as heat resistant labels or heatproof stickers) are labels that can withstand temperatures of up to 730.4°F (+388°C) as well as chemical and solvent washes, ultrasonic cleaning, lead free soldering baths, reflow and infrared ovens etc.

They can be blank, partially printed or fully-printed with logos and text such as serial numbers, barcodes or batch numbers.

CILS - PCB - High Temperature Label

You provide us with your design specifications and we’ll do the rest. We can make them any shape or size and they can come in different colours and finishes such as gloss, matt and satin.

The CILS heat resistant label range is perfect for all electronic component identification and printed circuit board applications where tracking through harsh production and manufacturing processes is critical.

Labels are available in the smallest possible sizes (down to 3mm x 3mm), and the CILS printable coating achieves clear and precise printing of variable data (including linear/2D barcodes, serial numbers and text) using your PC and standard laser or thermal transfer printer.

CILS - PCB Heat Resistant Label

Properties of high temperature labels

Heat resistant labels will have different properties depending on the combination of label material and adhesive used which will affect the characteristics of the label and how it behaves under certain conditions.

Some label material is able to resist high temperatures for a long period of time whereas others can only cope for shorter periods as well as the potential of there being multiple reheating cycles that occur.

The way the label is printed on the material also has an effect. Thermal transfer ribbons need to be precisely matched to the label material to ensure high durability.

Confused? Not to worry, we have a team of dedicated label specialists on hand to help guide you through the process step by step. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to help.

We have over 30 years’ experience and our consultative approach will ensure we can recommend the correct label to you first time.

Looking to test some heat resistant labels?

We know how important it is to ensure the right labels are used first time and don’t fail which is why we are happy to provide free label samples if needed, in order to help you make a decisive decision and give you the peace of mind that the label you end up with will work.

Fill in the sample request form and provide as much detail as you can (if your project is sensitive and requires an NDA, we can do this) and one of our label specialists will be in touch.

They will talk through your requirements and ensure that you are sent the correct labels samples that will work for your application.

They will keep in touch throughout this process to make sure everything is going to plan and are on hand to help if needed.

Test the label sample on your applications under the same conditions it will need to resist. Once you are satisfied with them and your dedicated label specialist will be on hand to take you through the ordering process and answer any questions you may have.

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What are the benefits of CILS high temperature labels?

  • Conform to Environmental Legislation (ROHs, REACH, WEEE, etc.)
  • Durable in extreme temperatures from -292°F to +730.4°F (-180°C to +388°C)
  • Printable using a standard laser or thermal transfer printer
  • Permanent adhesion to all surfaces
  • Labels made to any size, shape and design - matched perfectly to your requirements with no tooling charges

What adhesive options can I choose from?

We have a selection of adhesive options on various materials to choose from, all with unique properties that are geared towards specific requirements. These include:

  • Permanent solvent acrylic
  • High-tack solvent acrylic
  • Heavy-duty high-tack solvent acrylic
  • Removable
  • Ultra-removable
  • Void/tamper evident
  • Opaque
  • Water soluble
  • Repositionable

Talk to one of the team to discuss what you need from your high temperature label.

High temperature labels are perfect for…

There are many uses for heat resistant labels including PCB identification, PCB tracking, component identification, switches and sensors, high-temperature manufacturing process, lead free soldering baths, reflow and infrared ovens and electronics component identification.

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