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Medical Equipment Labels

We know how vital it is to label your electronic medical assets correctly. Your equipment must be labeled to show important data for compliance with asset ID regulations, such as UDI (UK, EU and US). Those labels have to withstand sterilization, cleaning solvents and the other challenges of operating in a medical environment.

Label failure means non-compliance, the loss of unidentifiable assets, damage to equipment and, in extreme cases, injury and loss of life because of a lack of adequate maintenance.

Minimize the risks of wasted relabelling work and protect your organisation, staff and patients by choosing durable Medical Device Labels that match your specifications.

Our labels are ideal for use on mechanical beds, heart monitors and operating theatre equipment, and are found throughout hospitals, clinics, dentists and more:

  • Enhanced resistance to cleaning with solvents and moisture from sterilization.
  • Hard-wearing to withstand handling and abrasion.
  • Permanent adhesive for labels that last the lifetime of your medical assets.

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