Tamper Proof Labels

We understand how important it is to have lab storage equipment that is secure and that cannot easily be compromised. Whether you work in anti-doping, animal science or forensic investigation, you need to maintain the integrity of your samples.
Our Tamper Proof Labels are durable and can even withstand cryogenic storage. Whatever the environment, the labels provide clear evidence of any unwanted interference. 
Reduce the chances that your valuable animal and forensic samples are rendered useless and avoid the lost time, cost and reputational risks associated with collecting new samples.
Our labels are ideal for use on samples that must be protected from tampering:
  • Print your own labels with void or tamper-evident material, using a standard desktop laser or thermal transfer printer.
  • Get the best levels of traceability in a durable label.
  • Labels remain intact even during cryobox storage.

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