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All you need is a PC and a standard desktop laser or thermal transfer printer to print onto our durable labels.

We work with you to get the most from your current printer and software and when necessary we will make printer and software recommendations matched to your printing needs.

Whether you need a new printer, or a completely integrated label printing system, we are here to help. 

CILS recommended thermal transfer printers

With over 30 years of experience, GoDEX is the leading maker of thermal transfer printers engineered for the durable label sector that we recommend and sell. Get the build quality, cost efficiency and convenience to enable you to print your own durable labels.

The company focuses on just one job – making the best printers optimised for durable label printing. Unlike mass-market printers which are focused on printing packaging labels at high speed, GoDEX's printers have been developed to not only print at speed, but meet the specific challenges of durable label printing.

They suit printing of all durable, computer printable synthetic labels, with sizes as small as 5 mm, self-laminating labels with clear tails and can handle printing high quality images with solvent resistant foils onto thick metalised labels made from polyester materials.


Touchscreen LCD controls make setup and calibration simple and media/ribbon changes are quick and easy. GOLABEL software is included with every printer and printers integrate perfectly with NiceLabel, our recommended label design software.

The printers have excellent modular options such as web cutters and 'peel and present' and have functionality that means that you don't have to be connected to your computer when printing. Not only can the printer be used as a stand-alone print station, it can also run from a battery pack for complete portability.

With base, mid and top range printers at affordable prices, GoDEX's thermal transfer printers are a great choice for producing very high quality, highly durable in-house labels for industrial and laboratory use.

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Other thermal transfer printers

Though we often recommend the excellent range of thermal transfer printers made by Cab, we are happy to supply any other thermal transfer printer that suits your requirements and preferences. For example, other thermal transfer printers we supply are made by Zebra, Honeywell, Sato and Toshiba. 

Our aim is not to push one brand over another – it is to give you the most appropriate choice rather than enforcing a recommendation.

In fact, we endeavor to use your existing printers where possible, whether they be laser or thermal transfer so there is no unnecessary capital expenditure.

Let us know what printers you already have so that we can help you get the most out of them, or tell us the printer make/model you prefer and we will supply it for you.

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Laser printers

Laser printers deposit high resolution images using electrically charged powdered ink (toner), this toner is fused into the special Laser printable coating on our durable Laser labels which is remarkably durable to abrasion and mild solvents.

Typical desktop office laser printers can be used to print on part or all of the label and we try to use the printers that you already have where possible. This keeps your setup costs down while producing high-quality labels that can withstand harsh conditions.

Laser printers can be purchased from most stationary and computer equipment suppliers. Should you need to buy a Laser printer, we have 30 years of experience to draw on to help you choose the most appropriate printer for your needs.

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