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Process ID Tracking Labels

Trace your parts and products throughout the production and supply chain process

We understand how important it is to for your Process ID Tracking Labels to withstand manufacturing environments including abrasion and handling. In the case of the toughest PCB processes, you need labels that can resist heat from the solder process and exposure to solvents as part of the chemical cleaning process. You also need identification labels that can easily be scanned whilst on the production line.

Reduce the risks of non-compliance with regulatory standards due to a lack of a traceability, and save your business the time, cost and reputational damage caused by labels that fail.

Our labels are ideal for use on all parts in the production and supply chain process: 
  • Flexibility of durable permanent or removable labels.
  • Withstands even harsh soldering and cleaning processes for PCBs.
  • Print your own labels using a standard desktop laser or thermal transfer printer.
  • Add your own branding and variable data such as bar codes and serial numbers, to help with asset identification.
  • Adhesive matched to the application surface, making a label that lasts the lifetime of the asset.

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