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Biotechnology labels are used throughout laboratory research on a range of experiments. We supply labs such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, Illumina, Bluerock and St Jude's Hospital, to help them to conduct high-tech labeling.

Built to last

Our labels withstand extreme lab environments, including the low temperatures of cryo-storage and chemical exposure to xylene.

Good durable biotechnology labels are customizable, made specifically for the lab environment and manufactured with a quick lead time.

Where you will find our labels

Biotechnology labels are useful in all areas of research, from investigations into treatments for diabetes and cancer through to novel drug discovery and even zebrafish genomics.

We have worked closely with international research institutes to develop computer-printable labels that can improve the efficiency of trials and research.

Our labels are ideal for test tubes, well plates, vials, glass bottles, tube caps and more.

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